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Especially when it's people who are ready to start digging into who they are and what could be cleared up to make life feel easier and more joyful! So if you have a question send me a message here.

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Kari has been an amazing guide and mentor at helping pinpoint and release emotion, situation, limiting beliefs, etc., that may be holding you back from your most true self! Kari is such a kind soul and always, only wants the best growth for her clients and dearest friends. I am immensely grateful that Kari is a part of my life and my own healing journey! Thank you Kari for being YOU and supporting ME through my limiting beliefs that held me from taking the next big step in my life

- Kaydee Tonks

Yoga Instructor

Ogden Utah

Kari has been my coach Since 2020, I met her at another event and she really connected with me. As we can all agree 2020 has been quite a year! With Kari’s calm and caring demeanor she has been a huge help navigating all the craziness of this year! She genuinely cares about people and helping them build a more productive and peaceful life. If you’re looking for guidance or direction in your life Kari is the one!

- Sheri Elsen

Website Designer

Grandma's Geek Squad

Kari has been AMAZING with both my daughter AND me! We have really been struggling processing some painful emotions and in the two times we have seen Kari so far, my daughter leaves happy and singing to the radio. Both times. I am really looking forward to continuing our sessions with Kari and finally gaining some peace back into our lives. I definitely recommend her to all ages!

- Sara Harvey

Aspen Rose Spa

Ogden Utah

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